who we are…

…people in process.

As for me, my process is seeing connections.

This means seeing new and surprising possibilities between things far apart and seeing things not obviously connected.

It means seeing what is not yet there as well.

And this means knowing what questions to askā€”and, more importantly, knowing how to wait and listen in the creative space of not knowing.

Most of my work has been serving as an educator. I’ve also worked in roles that foreground solution-focused listening, such as career counseling at a top university, and in caregiver support for the Alzheimer’s Association. And in all of this, my deeper training is in art and healing arts, including contemplative approaches that balance and energize even the busiest days.

I’ve found that all these skills come together in a visionary practice called Focusing, developed 30 years ago by researchers at the University of Chicago.

I have been practicing Focusing with great delight for coming up on 20 years now, and as a Certified Focusing Trainer, I am teaching others this skill as a way of

-seeing new possibilities,
-navigating times of transition,
-dissolving self-limiting beliefs,
-arriving at new perspectives and directions,
-tapping into the creativity and wellbeing at your core,
-making lasting positive changes,
-and finding what matters most right now,
so that we’re truly leading our own lives.

Through using this practice with myself and with others, I have seen the powerful transformations that come when we move through hard times of life (including ongoing work stressors, job transitions, and other life transitions such as divorce and bereavement and job loss) with clear eyes.

As the poet Theodore Roethke observed, “In a dark time, the eye begins to see,” and I’ve found that that with Focusing as a guide, difficult passages can unfold into new ways of life beyond anything we thought possible.

I am skilled in creating safe, energizing spaces of learning that inspire and uplift people so they arrive at their own way.


Heading to the marvelous “Walk On” exhibit in London, laughing at the broken ankle & crutches.

Feel free to contact me with questions at revisionquest.org@gmail.com